Reference Check

Referentie Check of PhD-theses

Since March 2020 the EUR doctoral regulations 2020 are into effect. Herein the condition is set that the promotor must include an analysis of a plagiarism scan (reference check) in the final approval of the thesis (Article 5.1.2).

Hora Finita (HF) is the support service for PhD-students of Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC. All processes related to the PhD-track, from admission to the public defense of the dissertation, are supported by this service.

To submit a manuscript for a reference check, the PhD-candidate must upload it in the tab Graduation Phase > Request PhD ceremony. Subsequently, HF generates a notification of this to the (co-)promotors and the Medical Library (MB). The MB performs the analysis within five working days and uploads the report in HF. Finally, the (co-)promotors will receive an e-mail notification that the report is available in HF for assessment by them.

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Reference check of individual papers

Many publishers perform a plagiarism scan by default to check the originality of articles submitted to them. If you would like to have your articles checked before submitting it, you can send your manuscript to the Medical Library.

At the request of the author, we provide a so-called similarity report based on the online software Turnitin. Send your manuscript to The similarity report is delivered within a maximum of 5 working days.

Contact: Dr. Frans Mast,, tel: (010-70)43780