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I don't speak Dutch well enough to attend this course in the Dutch language. You can select any workshop (apart from those that already have NL after the date) and that workshop will be given in English
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If you apply for a workshop literature retrieval, please provide your research topic that we will use during the workshop:

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Workshop dates

Systematic Literature Retrieval (in PubMed) - 1 (max duration 3 hours)
Two days before the workshop you will recieve homework which will take about 2 hours, depending on your experience with PubMed. Please schedule that time in. PubMed-1 only makes sense when also PubMed-2 is attended.

Tue 3 Oct 9h EN (online)  Fri 3 Nov 9h  (in person)  Mon 27 Nov 13h  (online) 

Systematic Literature Retrieval (in PubMed) - 2 (max duration 3 hours)
Part 2 ofthe workshop can only be attended after part 1. In between the two parts you get a homework assignment. We advise, if possible, to attend the PubMed-2 workshop in the week directly after PubMed-1

Tue 10 Oct 9h EN (online)  Tue 7 Nov 13h EN (in person)  Mon 4 Dec 13h  (online) 

Systematic Literature Retrieval in embase (max duration 3 hours)
Important: The PubMed workshops are a prerequisite for the other databases workshop. Do not choose a date before your (planned) PubMed workshop.

Wed 25 Oct 13h  (in person)  Mon 11 Dec 13h EN (in person) 

Reviews: Project management, multiple databases and EndNote (max duration 3 hours)
This workshop is only available for those who attended the workshop Systematic Literature retrieval in PubMed and Embase, and either you have experience with EndNote or attended that workshop.

Thu 26 Oct 13h  (in person)  Thu 21 Dec 9h EN (in person) 

EndNote (max duration 3 hours)

Thu 28 Sep 13h EN (in person)  Wed 25 Oct 9h  (online)  Tue 14 Nov 9h  (in person) 
Wed 20 Dec 9h  (online) 

Data Management Plans (max duration 3 hours)

Mon 23 Oct 13h EN (in person) 

Searching for a CAT (not available in English) (max duration 2 hours)

Tue 24 Oct 14h  (online)  Thu 14 Dec 15h  (online)