Adding keywords to a research paper

We recommend adding MeSH terms to your article when the magazine asks for keywords.

Note: this only works with English abstracts/articles.

How do you proceed?
  • Go to MeSH on Demand.
  • Copy your abstract or part of your article (such as Introduction and Discussion) and paste it into the field. Note: the text must not exceed 10,000 characters.
  • Click on Search

On the right side you will see a list of MeSH terms, of which synonyms have been found in the text. When you hover the mouse over one of these terms, you will see the synonyms in the text light up.

  • From the list, copy MeSH terms that are not literally in your abstract. These are not necessarily the most important words. When a MeSH term is already literally in your abstract, including it does not increase the findability of your article.

Note: there is often a limit to the keywords assigned by the publisher or editor.

Note: do not use the inversions that sometimes make up the MeSH terms.
E.g. in Osteoarthritis, Hip uses the natural word order: Hip Osteoarthritis.