Our journals are completely available online at IP address. The journals can also be accessed from a workplace outside Erasmus MC. (See: Accessing online content)

Are you looking for a specific journal?

You can search for these in the Journal List, which has both a Search and a Browse tab.

Note: you must search by full title. E.g. search for British Medical Journal and not for Br Med J or the abbreviation BMJ.

Subscription or not?

When we have a subscription, you will find more information about our subscription in the Journal List, including the link to the journal.

Under the heading Full Text Available you will see the link to the journal and the years covered by our subscription.

No subscription to the magazine or the year

If we do not have a subscription to the journal , or if the year you are looking for is not included in the subscription, you have a few options to still receive the article:

  • Find the article title in double quotes in Google Scholar. E.g. “article title”.
  • Request it from another library.
  • Ask the corresponding author if he can send you the article (possibly in manuscript version).