EndNote workshop

When you have performed a search in different databases, the use of a reference program such as EndNote is indispensable. You may already use EndNote, for example to store your references and write articles, but you have the idea that you could work better and more efficiently with it. Or you are a beginner and want to know how to start using EndNote.

About the workshop

In this course you will be introduced to the various possibilities of EndNote. This can save you a lot of time in the processing of literature references for writing an article, a (systematic) review or other publication.

The computer program EndNote is extremely suitable for keeping your literature well-organized. You can use EndNote to include literature references in an article or chapter in the style of a journal or publisher. EndNote can save a lot of time in collecting the full text of articles by having EndNote collect and download the PDFs. You will also learn to use advanced options in EndNote that can help you conduct a systematic review.

Contents of the workshop

  • Import from different databases (EMbase, PubMed)
  • Deduplication of search results from different databases
  • Export to Word or Excel
  • Customize output styles
  • Adjust useful settings
  • Quickly add one specific record (also manually)
  • Automatic download of full text of articles
  • Advanced applications for conducting a systematic review with multiple reviewers
  • Solutions to common problems, tips and tricks

How to apply?

For employees and students of Erasmus MC or EUR these workshops are without costs.