Literature review for use in Evidence Based Practice for Nurses and Paramedics

Is treatment A better than treatment B? Are there any new developments in my field? As a nurse or paramedical employee you are looking for professional literature on a specific problem or topic from practice.

About the workshop

In this course you will learn the principles of literature searches in PubMed and in some other databases that are of interest to nurses or paramedics, such as CINAHL and PsycInfo, to use in Evidence Based Practice.

Contents of the workshop

  • What makes literature research systematic?
  • How do you translate a question into a good search query?
  • How do you find the right search terms?
  • What is the optimal way of searching in PubMed (MeSH, free text, field names)?
  • What is the correct syntax for PubMed search?
  • What if you find too many or too few references? What is too much or too little?
  • How do you know you haven’t missed anything important? When can you stop searching?
  • How do you search in databases such as CINAHL, PsycInfo, etc.?

How to apply?

For employees and students of Erasmus MC or EUR these workshops are without costs.