Pure – our new Research Information System

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What is Pure?

Since 21 June 2021, Pure is the new Research Information System (RIS) of Erasmus MC. Pure is a database to register all research output of Erasmus MC, and also serves as a repository for publications. Pure replaced the old Metis system, and has replaced RePub as our repository since 1 Feb 2022.

Access to Pure

All researchers have a Pure account. You can login with your staff number (“microsectienummer”) and your own password via SURFconext on http://pure.eur.nl/admin. In case you don’t have access, or have problems logging in, please contact us at info.mb@erasmusmc.nl.

How do I use Pure?

Please consult the manual below to get started with Pure. This is a Quick User Guide, that is specifically adjusted to the situation at Erasmus MC. In case you want to know all the ins and outs of Pure, please refer to the extensive manual of the supplier of Pure. You can also contact the Medical Library in case you have question about Pure (info.mb@erasmusmc.ml)

The Pure portal

The Pure portal is a website (http://pure.eur.nl/), that provides public access to all our research output, including the full text of open access publications. The Pure portal is used to showcase all Erasmus MC research, departments and researchers. Each department and each researcher with an account in Pure will have a personal page on the portal. The portal replaces RePub as the publicly accessible repository.  Your personal profile is automatically created from HR data, using your name, title and department.  You can complete your profile with photo, ORCID, links and information about your research. On your personal Pure page, you can check the completeness and accuracy of the registrations of your publications and other scientific output. Registration and validation is done by the Medical Library. We encourage you to check and complete your list of Erasmus MC publications in Pure.

Why do we need a Research Information System?

Pure is (and Metis was) our source for the legally required annual reporting of Erasmus MC research output to the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (UNL) and for the future Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP). Pure is also the source for obtaining an overview of research performed at Erasmus MC, down to the level of departments. The Medical Library aims to link every Erasmus MC author to the correct department. Pure is more complete than Web of Science or Scopus, since we register (in principal) all publications, also those publications that are not present in commercial databases, for example publications in some Dutch journals.

Why a new system?

The previous system, called Metis, was old, had limited options for quality checks and was not user-friendly. Pure offers smooth import from external databases such as Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed. In addition, Pure receives a stable input of limited and up-to-date HR data of Erasmus MC employees. Pure also offers more extensive analysis and export capabilities.

Which information is in Pure?

The Medical Library aims to register all research output of which at least one of the authors is affiliated to Erasmus MC, as judged by the affiliation information on the publication. In other words, research output that originates from research performed at Erasmus MC is registered. These are approximately 5000 records each year. The most common research output is scientific articles, but also reviews, letters, conference papers, dissertations, editorials, books and book chapters are registered. We do not register conference abstracts, errata, data, awards and software. For each publication, we register standard bibliographic information, such as title, year, authors and DOI. We also register the correct departmental affiliation for each author.

What should researchers and clinicians know about Pure?

All your academic or professional publications in which you are affiliated with Erasmus MC will be registered in Pure by the Medical Library. We will search Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed for publications from Erasmus MC, and import them into Pure. You don’t have to add publications yourself. However, we encourage you to check your publications. If required, corrections and additions can be easily suggested via your Pure account. Just like with RePub, you can submit the author version of your publication to Pure in order to make them available in (green) Open Access. For some publications, for instance those from a number of Dutch journals, we might ask you for the full text of your publication or accepted manuscript, in case we can’t retrieve the full text via regular databases or publishers.

Who is in charge of Pure?

The Medical Library takes care of all validations in Pure. Pure is formally owned and managed by the EUR University Library. For questions about Pure, please contact the Medical Library at info.mb@erasmusmc.nl.

Questions about Pure?

For questions about Pure, please contact the Medical Library at info.mb@erasmusmc.nl.