Reviews: project management, multiple databases and EndNote

When doing a systematic review you aim completeness of your search results. A search in PubMed and Embase only is not enough for that. The information specialists of the Medical Library can create a search strategy in multiple database for you, even when you did not attend this workshop. However, this workshop will teach you more about their processes.

It is required to have attended the workshops systematic literature retrieval in PubMed, Embase and EndNote before attending this final workshop.

Learning objectives

  • You will learn about the process of doing a systematic review project.
  • You will install macros for translation of search strategies between databases.
  • You will learn to translate a search strategy in to other databases (most notably Medline Ovid, Cochrane CENTRAL and Web of Science) and we will explain some of the basics of searching Google Scholar systematically.
  • You will learn to use EndNote in the process of the review (deduplication, and in- and exclusion of abstracts).


After attending these workshops you can earn 1 ECT:

  • Systematic literature retrieval in PubMed
  • Systematic literature retrieval in Embase
  • EndNote
  • Reviews: project management, multiple databases and EndNote

How to apply?

For employees and students of Erasmus MC (or Erasmus University) these workshops are without costs.