Systematic literature retrieval in PubMed

You often search information in PubMed, but wonder if you have retrieved all relevant references with your search strategy?

During these workshops the information specialists of the Medical Library will teach you the ins and outs of searching systematically in PubMed. During practica you will learn a step-by-step method to tackle your own research question and make the searching process more efficient in order to find better results. During the workshop you will receive many tips how to avoid hidden pitfalls and ask all your questions about PubMed.

Learning objectives:

  • Why should you search systematically?
  • What is systematic literature retrieval?
  • How can you check that no relevant information is missed?
  • How to translate a research questions into an effective strategy?
  • How to find the correct search terms?
  • What is the most optimal method of searching (MeSH terms, free text, field codes)?
  • What is the correct syntax for PubMed?
  • What should you do if you retrieve too few or too many references?

The workshop is split into two parts, usually separated by a week:

  • In part 1 the focus is on finding the correct search terms (and learning which words should be avoided)
  • In part 2 you will learn more about the syntax of PubMed (parentheses, ANDs ORs, field codesetc) and optimizing your results.

Before each session you will receive a homework assignment.

How to apply?

For employees and students of Erasmus MC (or Erasmus University) these workshops are without costs.