Embase and other databases

If you want to find a more complete overview of all relevant literature for your research or a review, you should not limit your search to PubMed. You need to include other databases. The most important database in that case is Embase.

In the workshop you will learn to translate the search you created in the workshop PubMed effortlessly into correct embase.com syntax. You will then be taught how you can optimize the search using the more advanced features of the embase.com interface. A tool will be shared to translate your PubMed search in other databases, such as Web of Science, CINAHL and PsycINFO.

If you want to attend the workshop Embase, it is required that you have first attended both workshops Systematic Literature Retrieval in PubMed. If you think you have enough experience in PubMed already to skip those classes, send an e-mail to info.mb@erasmusmc.nl, so we can test your knowledge with a small exercise.

Learning objectives

  • Translate your PubMed into Embase
  • Optimizing your Embase search
  • Translating your PubMed search into other databases

How to apply?

For employees and students of Erasmus MC (or Erasmus University) these workshops are without costs.